Three.js: Very Basic Animation

My previous post described how I created a simplistic 3D model with Blender and how I imported that into a three.js 3D scene. In this post I look at how a Blender model can be loaded and animated with the aid of the three.js library. Oh, it seems a rather...
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The Three.js Library

I’ve been taking a look at the three.js JavaScript library recently. Well, 3D engine I suppose. Essentially it allows the implementation of 3D graphics within the browser using no plug-ins but just JavaScript in a modern browser. When it comes to...
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For some time now I’ve wanted to develop a set of classes, or a code library, to allow the drawing of simple, line-based images such as boxes, circles and polygons. I may have finally found a bit of a shortcut. Initially I was planning to learn...
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