Who are you?

My name is Graham Blake and I live in the United Kingdom.

Why are you doing this?

I started writing a blog to get myself noticed, hopefully in a good way. That’s the short answer and it sounds very vain and presumptuous.

It began as a way to simply get material onto the net, to stick my extremely small flag in the ground to show that I was here. At least that was the reasoning behind my original keepwithinthelines blog, served and hosted by WordPress. Through reading articles on the web and listening to podcasts such as the BoagWorld podcast. I then considered the idea of writing and hosting my own blog site that could feature examples of the things I have been working on. This is what the Projects section is for and the initialfocus is on a little project I have been working on using Ruby on Rails.

Why should we read what you write?

I don’t yet expect people to read what I write. I’m not expecting to write high quality content, not for the moment at least. I’m too unexperienced at writing and don’t have enough knowledge or experience of the web at the moment to do that. However I hope, with time, I will be able to begin writing content that people find at least vaguely interesting and maybe even of some use and benefit to them.

What audience is this site aimed at?

That’s a good question. I suppose it’s aimed at people like myself who are starting out in the web industry. This is because I assume that I won’t have anything of interest to say to seasoned web professionals but I may have the odd tidbit of useful information for the novice. Maybe I should aim higher but I feel that I am being more realistic if I have this aim. After all I am learning about these technologies for myself and so my experience, and therefore what I write about, is focused on what I am learning and the discoveries that I make.

Yeah, but are you a developer or a designer?

I’ve still yet to work this out! Ever heard of the phrase, “Jack of all trades and master of none”? I will probably want to begin focussing on client-side technologies pretty soon but most of my efforts have been centred on the server-side stuff. I guess that I principally see myself as a developer, however I would like to keep a finger on the design side also. I would imagine that if someone came to me and offered me a job working server-side I would still maintain an interest in client-side technology and in web design.

What experience have you got?

Well my web experience is strictly on an amateur level at the moment. This is the first site where I’ve actually paid for hosting and done it properly. I have a project underway that isn’t yet live and that has been written with Ruby on Rails. This site was also produced using Rails.

In fact I’m forgetting a little project that I did during my day job using PHP, where I produced a very simplistic bug tracking tool. I actually converted a little of it to Rails and so perhaps I should put it up on my Projects area; after all it was principally developed in PHP in my own time so I should be able to use it here.


  1. susan

    I have a very simple dae file with bone animation(joints). Do you have any example code to load dae and setup animation?

    If you would like to get the dae file, just email me so that I can forward to you.


    1. gblake


      Have you seen this post?


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